2017 Dates announced

By   May 12, 2017
The syllabus will be available in the next few days, so stay tuned !
BIG CASH PRIZES for Championships this year
2017 Dates:




1-3 July 2017

Popular Vocal

4-6 July 2017

Visual Arts

1-6 July 2017

Classical Vocal

8-9 July 2017

School Bands

11 Aug 2017

School Choirs

28 Aug 2017

Speech & Drama

5-6 Aug 2017


25 Sept – 2 Oct 2017
These dates are due to the increasing number of competitors each year.
We’ve added some fantastic new sections including sections for HSC students so they have the opportunity to get independent feedback on their performance pieces.
Please make sure you read and understand all Rules. Failure to adhere to the Rules could lead to disqualification.
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    1. CCEadmin Post author

      We’re still looking for a suitable venue, but we’ll keep everyone informed when we find a suitable venue 🙂

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