Amendment to 2014 Syllabus

By   August 15, 2014

The committee has agreed on the following changes to the 2014 Syllabus, please read these changes carefully and email us if it affects your current entry.

1. Closing date extended to Aug 20, 2014 11:59pm

2. New Section added:  501: Popular Vocal Solo – Own Choice (10 years and under)

3. Change to Section 554: age criteria is 17yrs and OVER

4. There will be an official accompanist available this year.  This is the only alternative to using a backing music (CD or MP3).  To use the official accompanist the cost will be $3 per section in addition to the section entry fee.  Please contact the eisteddfod via email if you need the contact details of the accompanist.

5. To clarify Rule 51, addition of
Rule 51a : Unless otherwise noted, the prerequisite is any 2 Sections that meet the age limit of the entrant in the same discipline.

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