That’s a wrap !

By   October 12, 2014

That’s it for another year, stay tuned for a bigger and better syllabus and eisteddfod next year . Don’t forget, we want your feedback and suggestions for next year. We also want your photos to post on Facebook and our website. 

Congratulations to every competitor – it doesn’t matter if you got a trophy, a Highly Commended Certificate or missed out because of the other competitors – it’s the fact that you got up on stage and gave it your best shot that helps make the eisteddfod a success and puts a smile on the face of the awesome team of volunteers that make the eisteddfod happen.

Thank you to all competitors, volunteers, and family members for the time you’ve put in to make the event a success !!!   

Now’s the time to email us with your feedback, subscribe to the website (for future updates), join as a member to help with preparation for next year and tell your friends and teachers so they can do the same !!

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